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Should the military be hiring clergy? Can the military tell them how to act?  How does a Christian chaplain minister to a Buddhist? A Muslim? An atheist? 

To explore these questions, Lee Lawrence and Terry Nickelson spent three months in Afghanistan and Iraq, where troops let them into their lives.
They joined them on patrols and missions, hung out with them in guard towers, flew on medevacs with the wounded, and attended memorials. It was there, where troops deal with boredom, anger, loneliness, fear, death and grief that they learned why military chaplains are crucial and how they sometimes become controversial.  

The result is CHAPLAINS UNDER FIRE, a feature-length independent documentary that explores the world of military chaplains through the lens of the troops they serve in combat and the Constitutional issues they raise at home

one of the few things differing sides agree on

Chris Rodda, Senior Research Director
Military Religious Freedom Foundation headed by Mikey Weinstein
"This was the first time I've written about a documentary about religion in the military that actually contained examples showing both sides. . ."

Rev. Dr. Billy Baugham,
International Conference of Evangelical Chaplain Endorsers;  Commission on Chaplains Associated Gospel Churches
I wish to commend you both and those behind the scenes for a superb documentary. . . .  I appreciate your "fair and balanced" presentation. . .   

Remi Award from 43rd Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival 

2nd place for BEST DOCUMENTARY OF 2010 from Religion News Association

Chaplains Under Fire is independently produced by IHSY, LLC

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