This extra features DVD is included with all purchases of community and institutional/educational licenses of Chaplains Under Fire. It features a selection of excerpts as well as original shorts with, when appropriate, questions for discussion.

       Discussion Matters includes the following:


                                                          Religion and the Military                                           

                                        Perform or Provide                        Chaplains as Force Multipliers

                      Proselytizing vs. Evangelizing                        Chaplains and Bearing Arms

                                 Religion in Counseling                         Chaplain Bridging Cultures

                                                                Military Life

                            Winning Hearts and Minds                         Coping with Deployment and Loss                           

                               Training a Foreign Army                         On Suicide Watch

                                                          Bonding                         Missing Family

             Chaplains’ take on Band of Brothers                         Gold Star Family Confronts Loss


                                       Ministry in Combat                          Ministry and Religious Pluralism

                                     Ministry to the Dying                         First Amendment                                                                         

Those who have previously purchased a community or an institutional license have the right to receive a copy of Discussion Matters free of charge.  If you did not receive a notice to this effect, please e-mail us.